Harlem Late Night Jazz 2021 Update

We are proud of our past accomplishments, but our mission is more important than ever! Covid 19 has further devastated the pre-existing crisis. While gig opportunities were in decline before Covid, now there are no gigs!!! Venues are going out of business at an alarming rate in Harlem and the future of this great cultural treasure is uncertain. 2020 was an extremely challenging and at times painful year as we lost not only venues, but many great artists and venue owners to Covid 19. 


As challenging as this historic pandemic is, we have recommitted ourselves to this important mission in 2021. We are launching new strategies and innovative programs to provide life-saving support to our artists, venues, and the music itself. 

    Our 2021 Program 

   As this pandemic still afflicts us, our 2021 programs will include. 

  • Support for our great artists…We will do this by creating gig opportunities and personal crisis support.
  • Increasing our assistance to surviving Harlem venues in marketing, booking and musician payments. Covid impacts, including reduced capacity, have forced venues to drop live music.  In light of this, HLNJ will cover up to 100% band costs in select Harlem venues until normalcy returns.  
  • Video/DVD production and promotion of great Harlem Artists.
  • The Launching of “The Jazz History Tree™️”, an interactive website…Jazzhistorytree.com. “The Jazz History Tree” is designed to provide a fun, educational, digital, and interactive trip through Jazz History from its African American origins to today.
  • 2021 HLNJ Summer Outdoor Music Fest in NYC parks and Harlem outdoor venues (16 events planned).
  • A new, expanded 2021 HLNJ Fall/Winter Harlem Jazz Club Calendar and event schedule bringing you jazz masters and today’s young lions.

We promise to redouble our efforts and 

to keep this great music alive. 


Stay Tuned!

Thank You for your support.